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Behind every perfectly cooked pizza, there is a toasty-hot pizza oven which has been tuned for optimal performance. Our wood fired pizza oven - direct from Naples, allows us to produce the tastiest pizza in town.

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Wood Fired Ovens Make the Best Pizza

Although there are many wood fired pizza oven manufacturers right here in the US, and they would likely be much cheaper than importing from Italy, we’ve decided we don’t want to compromise on quality. The old-school way of preparing traditional Neapolitan pizzas is what keeps our customers coming back for more. Combined with the fact that our pizzas are professionally made by the most skilled chefs, we’re able to offer you, our customers, the tastiest, highest quality pizzas delivered in 90 seconds once preparation is complete.

Sound too good to be true?

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The Origins of Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Our wood fired pizza oven from Naples has been made to the highest standards. According to traditional methods and artisan construction techniques, the Neapolitan-style pizza oven is optimized to produce the best quality pizzas in the shortest time possible – to conserve energy use. Our ovens have to be made using timeless materials and classic designs favored by the old school Italian pizzerias.

The doors are perfectly aligned and adjusted so as to make it easy for our chefs to cook multiple pizzas in short order. The temperature scales are accurately calibrated to ensure we have the exact comparison and conversion figures (since Italy uses the metric system!) so that our Neapolitan pizza chefs know exactly how to adjust the wood fired oven for your perfect Italian pizza.

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Fast Pizza with Blast Cooking

Our authentic Italian wood fired pizza oven cooks Neapolitan style pizza using the traditional Blast-Cooking method – exposing your pizza to temperatures of over 900 degrees – which is able to produce a pizza from oven-to-plate in just 90 seconds.
Combined with our imported ingredients, this is the closest thing to the way pizza is made in Naples!

Our Wood-Burning Ovens are Authentic Italian

To provide high-quality pizzas for our customers, we need ovens that can produce the finest quality pizzas, with a true authenticity that represents Neapolitan-style pizza the way it’s been made through generations of strict Italian tradition.

Using our Italian inspired Blast-Cooking process, our 6000 lb. pizza oven, built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder with handmade bricks from Vesuvius volcanic sands, locks in flavors, natural aroma, and moisture. Powered by the finest aromatic timbers from Californian plantations, we create hand-made, signature Neapoletana-style pizza with a soft and digestible crust.

And when your pizza has been lovingly baked for 90 seconds at 900℉, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality, most authentic Italian pizza in town.

Authentic Pizza is Worth The Extra Effort

To provide the best Neapolitan pizza experience, we need ovens that reflect our brand personality and look awesome in our restaurants. We need ovens that satisfy our high standards on health, safety, quality, and ease of use. For this reason, we choose to source our wood fired pizza oven from respected and renowned oven makers in Naples, Italy – just like the old days!

That’s the Pizza90 difference.