What Is Pesto Made Up Of?

The term pesto has originated from an Italian word, pestare, which means “to crush”. Pesto is usually made in a mortar and pestle. Over the years the term pesto has been referred to too many recipes. However, most people use a specific set of ingredients and technique for making it.

Whenever, you look a spoonful of fresh pesto, it really becomes difficult to resist it. You can use it as a spread over a sandwich add it to a pizza or may toss it with pasta or may simply have a spoonful of it.


If you want to make the classic pesto, you will need basil, olive oil, crushed pine nuts, garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano. When these five ingredients are used together, it results in an extraordinary taste. Even though traditionally a mortar and pestle are used to for grinding and crushing the ingredients, you can even use a blender or food processor. A mini chopper can also be used for this purpose, as it will make your job rather easy.

If you are planning to use a mortar and pestle, it is better to start with crushing pine nuts and garlic. Crush them using the pestle with a circular motion. It should be a smooth and creamy paste. Now, this should be followed by grinding the basil leaves. Then, add some grated parmesan and some olive oil into it. Combine everything well to make the sauce.

You will require to add less olive oil if you are making a thick paste, which you can use for spreading on sandwiches or pizza. Consider adding a little excess of olive oil, to get the right texture of the sauce while using it in pastas or soups.


If you wish to add some twist to this recipe, you have plenty of methods to do it. You can switch basil with some other herb. You can even swap pine nuts with your choice of nuts or replace the parmesan with pecorino or asiago. If you are health conscious and want to make a lower calorie pesto, you can interchange olive oil with ricotta cheese. Basically, you just need to put in some herbs, nuts, olive oil and cheese and will surely get a delicious sauce.


Pesto remains fresh and tasty for quite a long time. Even though you find your pesto changing its color and becoming dark brown, you need not worry about it. It is still fresh enough and you can safely use it.

The right way of storing it is to use the smallest container possible, where you can stuff it well, so that there is no air pocket in it. Put some olive over the surface and cover it up.


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