West Hollywood Pizza

Savor the authentic taste and flavor of Italian cuisine at the West Hollywood pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. The real ingredients and traditional techniques we use, bring you the true Neapolitan pizza experience unlike any you've tasted before.

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Authentic Italian

We have ovens built with bricks made from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano by master third-generation craftsmen who create them by hand.




Fine Ingredients

Taste the authenticity and freshness of real ingredients brought to you from the farms of the Mediterranean for that incredible pizza experience.





Fast and Fresh

Relish original, flavorful, delicious pizza just as it was always meant to taste, baked in superheated ovens to 900F degree in 90 seconds flat.



Serves Tradition

Enjoy the unrivaled taste of pizza that results from the expertise of our head chef who trained for more than 15 years in the pizzerias of Naples.



West Hollywood Pizza

West Hollywood or WeHo as it is also called is a city sited on the west of Los Angeles County. Location of the well-known Sunset Strip, WeHo is also famous for its happening nightlife and pulsating rock music scene. It is also a tolerant city and welcomes gay people and Russian-Jewish settlers from the former Soviet Union. While you are likely to find many restaurants and diners here offering you top-class cuisine from all over the world, the only stop for lip-smacking, scrumptious West Hollywood pizza is the nearby Pizza 90 restaurant.

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Italian Cuisine at the West Hollywood Pizza Restaurant Near you

As you enter the Pizza 90, the West Hollywood pizza place near you, the warm, welcoming ambience of earthen tones and diffused lighting with the aromas of spices and herbs wafting all around will instantly remind you of Naples, Italy. Take your seat and check out the menu listing the most incredible range of pizza, pasta, and other dishes. Choose from our many offerings or go ahead and request for a pizza created to match your unique tastes and preferences. That’s because, at the Pizza 90, we are committed to ensuring that you enjoy every bite of your meal.

Freshest of Italian Ingredients

The original taste of any cuisine can only come from the best of authentic ingredients that go into making them. To bring you that amazing taste, we source the freshest and best of ingredients from the farms and gardens of Naples in Italy. The cheeses, pepperoni, olive oil, wines, and other inputs carry with them the warm sunshine and romance of the Continent where they are grown. Bite into the pizza with its molten cheese swirling on your tongue and spices tickling your nostrils to recognize what real Neapolitan cuisine is all about. Only at the West Hollywood pizza restaurant close to you.

Traditional, Unmatched Techniques

Even the best of ingredients need the expertise of trained hands that can transform them into manna from heaven. That’s what the head chef of the West Hollywood pizza place, Francesco Savinetti can do with your pizza. He has trained extensively in the kitchens and pizzerias of Naples over 15 long years. In compliance with the regulations of the VPN, the Italian governing association, he creates pizzas and other dishes that are unrivaled in flavor and aroma. He has a team of expert sous chefs working under his eagle eye to deliver pizza just the way you like it.

Our Special Touch

What sets our pizza apart from any other you might have ever tasted is the style in which it is cooked. Traditionally, pizzas are cooked for a very brief 90 seconds only, in wood-fired ovens that are superheated to 900F degree. At our West Hollywood pizza restaurant, we have ovens built with bricks made of the earth of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy and we use the best of Californian timbers that are very similar to the ones found in the Mediterranean. Together they give you that real taste that pizza connoisseurs are sure to appreciate.

Visit us at Pizza 90 for an exceptional meal with your family and friends. Today!!