UCI Pizza Restaurant

At our UCI pizza restaurant, Pizza 90, you can have the unrivaled experience of tasting the most scrumptious of Neapolitan cuisine created out of the freshest of ingredients fragrant with the warmth and romance of the Mediterranean.

Irvine Italian Pizza

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Authentic Italian

Taste incredible pizzas cooked in ovens built with handmade bricks out of the earth of the Vesuvius volcano and fired with real Californian timbers.






Fine Ingredients

We bring you only the freshest, organic ingredients, spices, and herbs grown in the farms of Italy fragrant with the warm climes of the Continent.



Fast and Fresh

We use authentic techniques to cook our pizzas at 900F degree in 90 seconds flat to give you that awesome taste that is truly Italian.



Serves Tradition

Our chef has trained for over 15 years in the kitchens of Naples pizzerias and now uses his expertise to create lip-smacking Neapolitan cuisine.




UCI Pizza

Visit the UCI pizza restaurant, Pizza 90 and you’ll see that it is one of the favorite hangouts of the students of the University of California, Irvine. Perhaps, it is the warm, fun atmosphere with the lively earthy colors that makes them want to spend time here or the inviting aromas of spices, herbs, and fresh dishes. It could even be the taste of that amazing craft beer that we serve. Whatever may be the reason, you’ll want to dive right in and become a part of the vibrancy and laughter that is just all Italy.

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Authentic Italian Cuisine at the UCI Pizza Restaurant

At the UCI pizza place, we bring you Italy with all its charisma in the form of the incredible pasta, pizzas, and other dishes we serve. We use every authentic element to create cuisine that is truly Neapolitan beginning with the freshest of ingredients that we bring in from the gardens and farms of the Mediterranean. Taste the creamy texture of the cheese and crispiness of the pepperoni. Savor the richness of the olive oil and the robust sparkle of the wines. Relish the tang of the tomatoes and subtle hints of the spices.

Unusual Pizza Making Techniques

The head chef at our UCI pizza restaurant is Francesco Savinetti. An expert in Italian cuisine, he has acquired the art after working for more than 15 long years in the pizzerias and kitchens of Naples. Having trained under traditional pizza chefs, he now directs a team of sous chefs that work under his keen eye. To further ensure that you taste nothing less than the best, we follow the culinary procedures mandated by VPN, the Italian institution. The minute you bite into a slice of the pizza with its bubbling cheese, you’ll have your first real connoisseur experience.

Create and Relish Your Pizza

While you can choose from our very varied menu, at the UCI pizza place, we also offer you the option of ordering a special pizza that is perfectly suited to your individual taste. Enjoy watching well-trained fingers rolling and tossing the dough. Pick out your toppings and have them arranged on the dough along with a very generous helping of cheese and olive oil. You’ll only have to wait a scarce 90 seconds before the pizza is cooked through and brought to your table. Did you know that this is the precise time that genuine pizza must take to cook?

Ultimate Pizza Experience

Whether a student at one of the three public ivy universities of California or a touring guest in the locale, you must take the time to drop by at the UCI pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. You might even get the opportunity to see the 6,000-pound ovens we have installed. These ovens are built with bricks made from the sands of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy and capable of taking the heat of up to 900F degree. This is the final, finishing touch that sets our pizza far apart from any you might ever have tasted before.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and place your order!!