Tyler Mall Pizza

Visit our Tyler Mall pizza restaurant for the fabulous taste and flavors of authentic Neapolitan cuisine available only at the Pizza 90. Enjoy a memorable dining experience that takes you on an exciting gastronomic journey to Italy.

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Authentic Italian

We bake our pizzas in 6,000-pound ovens built with bricks made from the sands of the Vesuvius volcano fired with fragrant Californian timbers.







Fine Ingredients

Our pizzas pack in the delectable taste and flavors of spices, herbs, and other ingredients sourced from the gardens and farms of the Mediterranean.






Fast and Fresh

Our pizzas cook quickly in superheated ovens to 900F degree for 90 seconds flat to give you that incredible authentic unmatched taste.





Serves Tradition

Relish the impeccable result of expertise and traditional techniques acquired by our head chef by working for over 15 years in Naples' pizzerias.





Tyler Mall Pizza

Bright, lively, and happening! That’s Tyler Mall at Riverside for you. Wander through the mall and you can find all the top brands for clothes and shoes for men, women, and kids. You can also find electronics, beauty products and cosmetics, health and fitness products, and so much more. The mall also has a range of customer facilities to make shopping a pleasurable experience. And, when the aromas of delicious herbs, spices, and choice ingredients begin to beckon, you’ll know you’ve reached the Pizza 90, Tyler Mall pizza restaurant and one stop for the most fabulous Italian cuisine ever.

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Authentic Italian at the Tyler Mall Pizza Place

At our Tyler Mall pizza restaurant, we are committed to bringing you the most delicious of Italian cuisine served on this side of the pond. We take care to include every original element into the pizzas, pasta, and other dishes that we serve beginning with the ingredients. Only the freshest of natural cheeses, olive oils, pepperoni, wines, and other such inputs go into the making of our food. With every mouthful and every sip of the best craft beer we have as an accompaniment, you will taste the goodness that comes from the warm climate of the Mediterranean.

Incredible, Ancient Techniques

The expertise and ancient techniques contribute in a big way to the exceptional taste and flavor of our pizzas. Our head chef is Francesco Savinetti who has trained extensively in the pizzerias and kitchens of Naples for over 15 years honing that impeccable art that goes into the making of original pizzas. He now works with a team of expert sous chef at our Tyler Mall pizza restaurant and cooks genuine “pizzaiolos” that form an essential part of any Neapolitan cuisine. We also take care to follow the procedures mandated by the Italian governing association, VPN. The result is that unrivaled taste that you can find only in Italy.

Pleasant, Welcoming Ambience

At our Tyler Mall pizza restaurant, we have created the perfect ambience for you to enjoy the most scrumptious meal ever. Walk into the diner and take in the warm, welcoming, earthen tones of the decor with the soft lighting. Let the fragrances of spices and herbs waft all around you as your mouth waters in anticipation of your meal. Check out our menu for the extensive range of dishes we have or choose to order your own to meet your individual preference. Pick out the toppings you love best and watch them being arranged on your pizza before it is slipped in our very special oven.

The Finishing Touch

The best of ingredients and world-class techniques come together in the 6,000-pound contraption that we have installed. Our oven is created out of bricks made from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano and can bake your pizza in exactly 90 seconds to perfection in the extreme heat of 900F degrees. Feast your eyes on the bubbling hot melted cheese and steaming hot toppings, and breathe in the delicious aroma as the pizza is brought to your table. That’s the kind of pizza experience you’ll have with your family and friends at our Tyler Mall pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. Come on in and check out our fantastic Neapolitan cuisine. Today!!