Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant

Savor the taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza at the Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant cooked with original ingredients and the exceptional techniques of Naples for a truly delectable dining experience.

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Authentic Italian

The oven in our restaurant is built out of bricks made from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano baked by master builders using traditional techniques.



Fine Ingredients

Our pizzas have the authentic taste that can only come from original ingredients imported from the gardens and farms of Naples in the Mediterranean.





Fast and Fresh

We use authentic techniques to create pizzas that are baked in superheated ovens to 900F degree in 90 seconds flat to give you that unforgettable taste.




Serves Tradition

Savor pizzas just as they have been cooked in the pizzerias of Italy where our head chef has trained for more than 15 years, honing his skills to perfection.



Pizza in Tyler Mall, California

As you enjoy shopping in one of the quintessential malls of America, step into Pizza 90, our Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant for a meal. And, you will find yourself instantly transported to the warm environs of Naples, Italy. Feel your mouth watering even as you take in the décor with its muted tones and soft lighting and breathe in the heady aromas of ingredients specially brought in from the Mediterranean. That’s the kind of effect our restaurant has on our patrons. You can revel in a treat for your senses as you bite into an authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked to match your particular tastes.

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Customizable Pizza at the Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant

At the Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant, you can choose the special toppings that you like. Watch our chefs as they toss the pizza dough using expert techniques taught to them by our master food craftsman, Francesco Savinetti. He has more than 15 years’ experience working in the pizzerias of Naples. View with fascination as your pie is arranged in front of you and then slipped into the oven to cook. You can then take your seat and wait as the piping hot pizza with bubbling cheese and delectable aromas oozing taste and flavor is brought to your table.

Authentic Experience

The pizza, pasta, and other dishes that you can order at our Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant are truly unique for the simple reason that they are made with the choice ingredients imported from the gardens, and farms of Naples, Italy. The cheese, pepperoni, olive oil, pasta, wines, and other items carry with them the distinctive fragrance of the Continent and that is what you taste. The oven we use for baking your “pizzaiolos” is created out of bricks made of the clay from the Vesuvius volcano. This 6,000-pound contraption is superheated to 900´F so that your pizza cooks in 90 seconds flat just as it is meant to be.

Original Cooking Techniques

The techniques that we use to create our pizzas are in strict compliance with the procedures mandated by the Italian Association, VPN. And, the result is the exceptional taste that true Italian cuisine connoisseurs are sure to recognize and appreciate. Combine these amazing flavors with the authentic taste of the craft beer we offer you. Dining in our Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant is more than just enjoying an original meal; it is a culinary journey to the kitchens of Italy. Visit us with your family and friends and savor a meal that is as delectable as it is competitive and easy on the pocket.

Shopping at Tyler Mall

With a stunning range of high-end stores and the best of brands available today, Tyler Mall is a shopper’s paradise. You can find just about anything you need here from clothes, shoes, kitchen, and homeware items to cosmetics, electronics, and sports gear.  Also, it is a complete entertainment venue, and often hosts many events. Spend time browsing the many shops or catch a movie. And, when you’re ready for a bite, head over to the Tyler Mall Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90 for an unforgettable culinary adventure to Italy and back.