The Top 5 Sherman Oaks Pizza Restaurants as Rated by Yelp

Pizza lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to Sherman Oaks pizza. So much to choose from, so little time. So we compiled a top 5 list of favourite pizza restaurants in the Sherman Oaks area, based on what pizza lovers are saying on Yelp right now.

1. MidiCi

Located at Ventura Blvd, this lovely Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant has received lots of praise over its unique and delightful ambience. Once you step inside their doors you don’t want to come out. The decor is beautiful, the polaroids add excitement to your visit, and the washrooms are clean and classy too. The lighted tree in the middle adds cheer to every customer.

Their pizza menus have received fantastic reviews with the leading items being the Devil’s pizza (spicy hot), the Doppio Pepperoni (Double Pepperoni), and pizza bianca e prosciutto (whole mozzarella and prosciutto). The Nutella Calzone and fresh berries have been mentioned as favorite desserts.

The only downsides mentioned are that the salads aren’t as top notch as the pizzas. And there are almost always long queues in the evenings.

2. Marco’s Pizza

Also located on Ventura Blvd, Marco’s is mainly a takeout and delivery pizza place. It has received wide approval for its gluten-free pizza.

The semi-open kitchen is always spotlessly clean and the dough is made on site. All their ingredients are fresh and you can make up your own combinations for your toppings. They have a wide selection of meats, veggies, sauces, and crust toppers to pick from. Some top picks off the menu include the deluxe uno, the pepperoni magnifico, and cheesy bread.

The staff are also very friendly. The manager seems very caring, always going over to customers finding out whether they are satisfied with the service.

The only negative mentioned is the disappointment about not having sitting space and very limited parking for pickups.

3. Leaning Tower Pizza and Pasta

The Leaning Tower Pizza and Pasta offers a wide variety of Italian-themed cuisine on Ventura Boulevard. They have a sit-in restaurant and also provide take-outs and do deliveries. Their deliveries are fast and reliable.

They are best liked for their very fair prices. And you will usually get a free cheese pizza or soup with your order. Their manager, chef, and staff are very friendly, and have been known to memorize orders of regular customers.

Pepperoni and sausage pizza and buffalo ranch pizza seem to be the favorite among Yelp reviewers. Of course, they allow their customers to add, subtract, and substitute toppings.

4. Santino’s NY Pizza

This is a family-run Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant located in Woodman Avenue. The establishment prides itself in using its 60-year old recipes to provide tasty traditional pizza meals. The owners and staff are friendly, with great customer service.

Their ingredients are California grown, and always fresh and high quality. They make both square pizzas and round pizzas.

Some of their most popular menu items include their large Neapolitan square pizza and the New York round pizza.

5. Antonio’s Pizzeria

Another pizzeria from Ventura Blvd, Antonio’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant has a homely ambience. It’s family-run and non-franchised. Established in 1957, it remains one of the oldest pizza restaurants within the San Fernando Valley.

The restaurant is famed for its generous servings and affordable prices. They have gluten-free pizza made into thin crusts. It is loved for its big Saturday nights with beer specials and live music. The restaurant offers takeout, delivery, sit in, and even party hosting with two spacious rooms that can be reserved at no extra cost.

Their pizzas are all made to order and the most popular pizzas include pizza house, combination pizza, and the mozzarella cheese.

Chow Down on the Best Sherman Oaks Pizza

Sherman Oaks has some of the best pizza restaurants in LA. With such high competition, the quality of pizza and service is high. But the bar is set to raise even higher, with the grand opening of the Pizza90 – Sherman Oaks neapolitan pizza restaurant just around the corner. Offering authentic Italian, wood fired neapolitan pizza just like they make it in Naples, and s selection of craft beers imported from around the world, Pizza90 is poised to take the standard Sherman Oaks pizza experience to a whole new level.

With the taste of traditional, real authentic Italian pizza made from wood-fired pizza stoves imported from Italy, expect Yelp reviews to take a turn once our Sherman Oaks, Ventura Blvd location is open!

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