The Top 5 Pizza Delivery Services in Irvine (That Aren’t Pizza Hut)

When pizza delivery chains such as Pizza Hut first came out, I was all excited. Great deals, made to order pizzas, and fast pizza delivery. It seemed like a dream. Then it all changed and I’ve been literally getting a raw deal. Late deliveries, wrong orders, undercooked/overcooked pizzas are the order of the day. Each time I complain about late or cold deliveries, they always have an excuse. Either it’s the ongoing construction at Walnut Village Center or some other half-baked excuse.

Luckily, pizza lovers in Irvine are spoilt for choice. You can always rely on fast service and hot pizzas day or night. Additionally, you can get gourmet pizzas, not just the run of the mill unappetizing pizzas. Here are my top 5 picks for great pizza delivery in Irvine.

1. Gina’s Pizza & Pastaria

My favorite Orange County pizza delivery is definitely Gina’s, out next to the UCI campus. They have all kinds of Italian cuisine. Pizzas, parmesan fries, and garlic bread are some of my favorite orders. The Godfather pizza is a meat lover’s fantasy come true.

At Gina’s, they mix their own dough and their ingredients are always fresh. You can opt for brown dough or gluten-free dough. Most importantly, you will never receive your order delivered late or cold.

2. Pizza90

The best OC pizza place in my opinion, is Pizza90, located over at 5365 Alton Pkwy Ste. You can always count on their fast deliveries. And their pizzas are authentic Neapolitan, cooked inside those huge wood-fired pizza ovens. Plus you get to enjoy their fantastic wheat-based craft beer. Apparently, it’s brewed using old-country European techniques and modern California processes. My favorite pizza orders include the Carnivora and the Margherita.

My favorite pizza orders include the Carnivora and the Margherita.

3. Round Table Pizza

Round table are at Northpark Plaza and have a pizza delivery menu designed to titillate your taste buds. If you love meat, try any of their specials. Their meat montague is a tasty and flavorful mix of pepperoni, Italian sausage, salami, and linguica. They have other exciting pizzas with interesting names such as the Wombo Combo, Guinevere’s Garden Delight, and my personal favorite, the King Arthur Supreme.

4. NY’s Upper Crust Pizza

If you live anywhere near the Oak Creek Shopping Center then you need to try out one of the top OC pizza places. NY’s Upper Crust are originally from New York, but have maintained their traditional family standards since the 90’s.

I especially love their Works pizza, which has lots of sausage and pepperoni with onions, black olives, mushrooms, and bell pepper. It goes great with their antipasto salad. For vegetarians, you can order in their vegetable pizza or the mediterranean pizza. Their deliveries are fairly fast and customer service is tops.

Their deliveries are fairly fast and customer service is tops.

5. Ameci Pizza and Pasta

Ameci Pizza at the University Park Center has a very reliable delivery service and the delivery guys are always polite. Their pizzas are not comparable to the Neapolitan pizzas you’ll expect from places like Pizza90, but they’re still better than Pizza Hut delivery.

My top picks from the Ameci menu are the Margherita pizza and the BBQ chicken pizza. And for those times I feel like going veg then their tasty vegetarian pizza is always fresh and good. Their pasta and desserts also make great meal options.

My Top Pizza Delivery Choices in Irvine

I like my pizzas fresh and hot. So I’m always checking my watch after ordering in, hoping the delivery guy gets to my doorstep before my food cools down. I also love fresh ingredients and customer friendly service. If you’re in Irvine and share my desire for fresh and hot pizza then these 5 pizzerias are the best places to order pizza from. That’s just my opinion anyway….

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