Skip the Lunch Pizza Buffet and Opt for Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Instead

It’s the weekday lunch hour, and the lunch pizza buffet beckons as usual.

Lunch pizza buffets are popular, and why not? You get to interact with your office colleagues in an informal setting away from the office and stringent cubicles. You get to meet new people from other nearby buildings and office blocks. You can even arrange informal meetings and have fun brainstorming. The pizza is okay, and often the offer is for ALL YOU CAN EAT pizza, salads, and maybe pasta, chicken, etc. So why would anyone trade this for an authentic Neapolitan pizza lunch instead?

I will give you 3 clear reasons why.

1. Once You Go Neapolitan, You Will Never Go Bland

Neapolitan pizza is oh so unbelievably delicious. It’s the real deal. It’s the pizza Italians have made and enjoyed for more than 300 years.

The ingredients are all cultivated organically under strict conditions laid out by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, the body that sets out Neapolitan pizza standards. The 900-plus fahrenheit heat brings out a nicely browned crunchy crust. The uncooked sauce brings out fabulous flavors. And the overall aroma is simply heavenly.

Once you’ve tasted great Neapolitan pizza, even the best pizza buffet of regular pizza comes out as bland.

2. Healthy Pickings

If you’re into taking great care of your body and health, then lunchtime Neapolitan pizza will make perfect sense.

The San Marzano tomatoes used in the first class pizza Irvine sauce are grown on Italy’s volcanic soils, harvested, and packaged under very specific conditions to retain all nutrients. The dough, extra fermented with live yeast, is made from Caputo 00 flour that has just the right constitution of carbs and proteins. The toppings are in the true Italian tradition, with top quality organic meats and high nutrient veggies. And the only acceptable cheese is water-packed fresh cheese.

Neapolitan has all the goodness of pizza without the greasiness.

3. A Touch of Class

You could pick up a $5 bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s and yes, it will probably be good wine. However, it will never compare to say, a Chianti Classico.

In much the same way, a regular pizza will never compare to a well prepared Neapolitan pizza from an experienced Pizza90 pizzaioli. You want to impress your girl, a potential client, your boss? Forget the lunch pizza buffet.
Neapolitan pizza is the top quality pizza in Irvine. And doesn’t cost much more either.

Skip The Lunch Pizza Buffet. You Know You Want To

Ditch the mediocre for the tender crust of the naturally leavened Neapolitan dough, the pure tomato flavor of San Marzano tomato sauce, the melt of milky water-packed cheeses. Titillate your taste buds with the fresh, filling, and healthy pizzas of the strictest Italian tradition prepared by knowledgeable pizzaiolos.

This kind of pizza works great for your daily meals and for special occasions, romantic dates, business meetings, and brainstorming with colleagues. And cost is no excuse, as our Neapolitan pizzas are just as affordable as your regular eat all you can lunch pizza buffet.

Sound good? Find a Pizza90 restaurant near you!

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