Sherman Oaks Pizza

Visit our Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant for a gastronomic journey that takes you to Naples and back. Enjoy the most delectable of Italian cuisine fragrant with the spices, herbs, and special ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean.

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Authentic Italian

Enjoy our special pizzas cooked in ovens fired with Californian timbers, built by expert master craftsmen with bricks from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy.








Fine Ingredients

We bring you pizzas cooked with the freshest of real ingredients grown in the gardens and farms of Naples packed with the goodness of the warm climes of the Mediterranean.







Fast and Fresh

Our pizzas have that distinct aroma and flavor that comes from being cooked in a superheated oven to 900F degree in 90 seconds flat, just the way they're cooked traditionally.




Serves Tradition

Savor the authentic taste of pizza cooked using techniques followed in the pizzerias and kitchens of Naples because that's where our head chef has perfected his art over 15 years.





Sherman Oaks Pizza

If you’re a connoisseur of authentic Italian cuisine and looking for the best, most scrumptious pizza in town, head for the Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. A scenic locale including a section of the Santa Monica Mountains within its periphery is Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood located in the Los Angeles region of California. You will also find the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park here that has been recognized as the favorite spot for families looking for recreation and entertainment. The area is also known for the Bernardi Center, a hub for senior citizens with a range of facilities for their amusement and fun.

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Traditional Italian Cuisine at our Sherman Oaks Pizza Restaurant

Stop by at the Sherman Oaks pizza place near you and you will be treated to the taste of genuine pizza cooked with the same techniques that have been used in the pizzerias and kitchens of Naples, Italy for centuries. Our head chef, Francesco Savinetti has trained for more than 15 years in Italy and now cooks the most awesome of “pizzaiolos” that you may never have tasted before. The delicious pizzas bubbling with creamy cheese and other choice toppings, fragrant with the herbs and spices of the Continent is a treat for the senses. Sink your teeth into a slice and instantly, you will be transported to the Mediterranean.

Original Ingredients and Flavors

The real taste of cuisine comes from the quality of the ingredients that go into making it. To ensure that you have the most fabulous pizza experience possible, at the Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant, we bring you the freshest of inputs from the gardens and farms of Italy. The cheeses, pepperoni, olive oil, wines, and other ingredients are infused with the goodness and warm climate of the Mediterranean Sea. Together with the expertise of our cooks, they transform into a gastronomic delight that is truly out of this world.

Cooking Styles From the Continent

At the Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant, we have adopted the unique, traditional cooking style of the Italians. We follow the procedures mandated by the Italian governing association, VPN, and cook our pizzas in large 6,000-pound ovens that are built with bricks made from the soil of the Vesuvius volcano. These ovens can withstand heat of up to 900F degree which is the precise temperature to cook pizza, rapidly in 90 seconds flat. This authentic cooking technique is what gives our pizzas that awesome, unrivaled Neapolitan taste.

Warm, Welcoming Ambience

We take special care to create the perfect ambience in which to enjoy the delectable pasta, pizzas, and other dishes that we serve you. You will love the earthy, muted tones of the decor at our Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant that combine with the gentle lighting and tantalizing aromas. Choose from our extensive menu or request for your own unique pizza made to taste by picking out your favorite toppings. At the Pizza 90, we are committed to providing you the ultimate dining experience that is truly unforgettable. Come, visit us with your family and friends for a Neapolitan meal in the American setting of Sherman Oaks.