Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant

Savor the rich taste of authentic ingredients brought to you all the way from Naples, Italy at the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant. Enjoy original Neapolitan pizza created by master chefs trained in Italian pizzerias.

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Authentic Italian

Taste the original taste of pizza cooked in a 6,000-pound brick oven constructed by master craftsmen from Napoli out of Vesuvius volcanic earth.



Fine Ingredients

Savor the authentic Italian ingredients that go into the making of each pizza. They bring you the flavors and aromas of Naples in the Continent.



Fast and Fresh

An authentic pizza cooked in 90 seconds in a super-heated oven at 900℉, that's the awesome trip your taste buds will go on at our restaurant.




Serves Tradition

Bite into our pizzas that are prepared by  expert chefs experienced in authentic techniques perfected over 15 years in a Napoletana pizzeria.




Pizza near Sherman Oaks, California

The only diner to serve authentic pizza to the 60,000 strong population of the locale is the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90. Step into the environs of the restaurant in Los Angeles and your senses will be treated to an experience like no other. Take in the décor with the warm earthen tones of the Continent and the city of Naples. Breathe in the scents of the original ingredients brought in especially from Italy and the delicious pizza, pasta, and other mouth-watering dishes created out of them. Feel the excitement of watching the pizza being tossed in front of you. And, the delight of anticipation as you wait for it to be cooked and brought to your table.

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 Authenticity of Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant

What sets the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant apart from any other pizza joint in the area is the loving care and expert technique that goes into the creation of each pie. We bring to you cheese, pasta, olive oil, pepperoni, wine, and other ingredients that carry with them the distinctive flavors that only the unique climate of Italy can impart. Ask any expert chef and he will tell you that the taste of any dish comes from the high-quality vegetables, oils, meats, and other inputs that go into it. That is precisely the edge we have over all other pizzas offered to you in the locale.

Original Cooking Techniques

Our highly trained chefs at the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant use special techniques in compliance with the standardized procedures laid down by the Italian governing association, VPN. That’s how the pizza you bite into is a treat for your taste buds and lets you experience the authentic Neapolitan flavors. We allow you to customize each pie to meet your particular taste and preference. Choose each ingredient, watch the pizza being tossed, and the cheese, choice inputs, and other toppings arranged in front of you. Take your seat in the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant and wait as the pizza is cooked in 90 seconds flat in a pizza oven superheated to 900F degrees just as it is cooked in every kitchen in Italy.

Flavors Like No Other

The unique flavors that you sense when enjoying the amazing pizza also come from the authentic pizza oven we have installed at our Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant. Weighing 6,000 pounds, it is constructed out of bricks baked out of the volcanic earth sourced from Vesuvius Volcano. Melding with the aromas are the aromatic woods brought from Californian forests that are very similar to the ones found in Italy. Together they create the kind of pizza that true connoisseurs are sure to appreciate. Savor each bite in between sips of craft beer and feel yourself being transported to Naples. Enjoy this authentic meal with your friends and family at prices that are surprisingly competitive.

Pizza 90 near Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a scenic neighborhood in the region of Los Angeles in California. It has a section of the Santa Monica Mountains within its boundaries and also has many avenues for entertainment and sports. Take your family for fun outings in the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park that has an outdoor swimming pool which is heated depending on the seasons along with picnic tables, and courts for playing sports. You can enjoy tennis, baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. And, when you’re ready for a bite head out to Pizza 90, the Sherman Oaks Italian Restaurant near you.