What It Takes to Serve the Best Irvine Pizza in Town

Do you like your Irvine pizza to go, delivered, or in a pizzeria? Many people will love their pizza every possible way, so long as it’s made well – that’s the key. And most Americans seem to agree, and that is why restaurant pizza sales amounted to over $35 billion in 2013.

If you like your favourite Irvine pizza as much as I do, then you have probably wondered what goes into serving the best Orange County pizza. Wonder no longer. Here’s a glimpse at what it takes to serve top Irvine pizza to your plate.

Lay the Foundation a Quality Crust

Though we notice the toppings and the cheese more, the base of the best Orange County pizza is the real foundation. It needs to be made with the right flour, which is why we prefer to use genuine Italian flour in our pizza dough, though for those cooking at home you can use almost any bread or all-purpose flour for a similar effect.

The best crust is made from freshly rolled dough, though some Orange County pizzerias that have slow-moving pizza will freeze their unused dough. If you are making the dough at home, you can roll it on parchment paper. The dough will stick to the parchment paper but will be easy to remove halfway through cooking. The parchment paper will not burn when cooking, though it may darken.

The best pizza chefs usually pre-cook the crust for about 6 minutes in a regular oven before adding the toppings. This prevents the crust from becoming too doughy due to the juices and soups from the topping. Pizza90 use authentic Italian wood-fired ovens which use the blast-cooking process to produce an Irvine pizza experience like no other, in only 90 seconds!

Choosing the Perfect Toppings

Pizza comes in an endless variety of toppings to pick from. Sausage, turkey, mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, and chicken are some of the popular options you can choose on a typical Irvine pizza menu. The, there’s common fruit and veggie toppings which can include black olives, basil, arugula, and pineapple, all of which can be used on their own or also sprinkled on top of the more popular meat options.

But it’s not only choosing your toppings, but using them as well. First, cook the toppings ahead of time, separate from the crust.

Keep the amount of topping to just a handful so that it doesn’t seep into the crust and make it soggy. Too much topping also makes it difficult to achieve an evenly cooked crust, and the crust will also take longer to cook.

Always match your toppings to your diners’ taste and preferences. If you have vegan or vegetarian diners joining you, find out what they like on their favourite OC pizza. Some may not like dairy products while others may, etc.

Matching a Suitable Cheese

Cheese is your Irvine pizza’s proverbial “icing on the cake”. With a considerable number of different cheeses to choose from, top chefs will always use their personal experience to pick the best cheese for you. Of course, the customer is also at liberty to pick their own preference.

Common cheese varieties to use when serving a top Irvine pizza are cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, edam, and colby. To have that delicious taste and gourmet look, top pizza chefs will check the elasticity, moisture, baking temperature, oil content, and water activity of each cheese type.

You need to find just the right combination of the right cheeses to achieve that perfect cheese elasticity, browning, and blistering. Mozzarella combines well with most of the other cheeses. Cheddar is good for less blisters while for less browning you ought to try provolone.

Getting the Oven Temperature Just Right

Top Orange County pizza chefs are very fussy about the types of ovens they use for baking. Wood fired pizza stoves are highly regarded by professionals, as they retain that authentic flavor and are more effective at producing an evenly cooked pizza.

The best Irvine pizza restaurants make use of these wood fired pizza ovens to achieve an authentic taste that comes from maintaining the traditional cooking practices of Italian neapolitan pizza preparation. The passionate chefs who use them also love the entertainment they provide as they prepare pizza for an audience. These ovens cook faster than most other pizza ovens, boost food flavor, and retain food nutrients. They also operate at a much higher temperature than a conventional oven, and give a unique flavor to a pizza from the aromatic timbers used.

Having the Best Chefs in Town

Even with the best ingredients, a pizza cannot be enjoyable if the chef is unskilled. It takes a knowledgeable and passionate chef to bring out that gourmet pizza with the delightful aroma.

It takes some of the best Orange County pizza chefs a lot of work and gained experience to qualify to serve in the top Irvine pizza restaurants and pizzerias. A good chef will know the best ingredients, best combinations, and best cooking methods to provide mouthwatering pizzas.

Share the Best Irvine Pizza

It takes a lot to deliver delicious gourmet Irvine pizza to your table. Fresh ingredients, skilled professional chef’s, mouthwatering toppings, a satisfying crust, and a wonderful combination of cheeses all cooked over the perfect oven. Thus, it deserves to be shared with friends and family to be fully appreciated.

If you’re salivating at the thought of fresh pizza served straight to your plate in 90 seconds, then call your friends, make your order, and enjoy the delicacy of the loving preparation that every Irvine Pizza90 neapolitan pizza receives!




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