How to Serve the Most Authentic Italian Riverside Pizza in Orange County

Pizza is delicious. It doesn’t matter whether we are doing the regular sausage, pepperoni, or mushroom toppings or we are going for the more authentic Italian toppings on your Riverside pizza such as burrata, prosciutto, or trapizzino. Thin crust, thick crust, crispy crust, soft crust, whatever you cook, you want it to be appreciated by potential neapolitan pizza fanatics. And to do that, you have to serve your authentic Italian pizza just right depending on occassion, company, and time of day, and here’s exactly how you do it.

Choosing the Best Cutlery

Italians consider it uncouth to eat pizza with your hands, while Americans consider it snobbish to use a spoon and fork. But Orange County pizza fans prefer to eat pizza with their hands and straight out of the box it came in. Or for those top OC pizza restaurants, your pizza will most likely come on a plate.

In Italy, it’s customary to use a fork and knife to eat your pizza. Italian-Americans traditionally start with a fork and knife to slice up the pizza when it’s hot out of the oven, though they usually end up finishing off with their hands. Using forks also helps to keep the juices in the toppings from seeping into the crust and making the whole thing soggy.

When serving the most authentic Italian Riverside neapolitan pizza in Orange County in a formal setting, it’s best to supply plates and provide forks and knives. It should be upon each diner’s discretion what to use.

Get Creative with Slicing

We are all very familiar with the common way to slice your favorite riverside pizza – between 8 and 12 wedges, depending on the size of neapolitan pizza you decide to make.

If you’re cooking your pizza at home, you can get a little creative with how you slice it. Cut it in half if sharing with one friend who doesn’t care for too many details. You can also slice into small pieces for a crowd that likes to watch what they eat.

You can even use some designs, like slicing in the shape of a star to create an interesting layout which may even become a conversation starter. Or you can use interesting shapes, especially when cheering up kids.

The Right Temperature

Top Riverside pizza should always be served as hot as possible, straight out of the oven. However, we understand that it’s not always possible to serve it hot. If you order your Italian pizza in, and there’s usually a 20-minute delivery period, so expect your pizza to arrive somewhat cooled down. It’s okay to serve it warm, but if it’s lukewarm or cold, then you better microwave it to avoid disappointment.

Nevertheless, there are some types of top orange county pizza varieties that may be better off served cold. For instance, reheating most veggie pizzas tends to take away many of the nutritional content of the vegetables. If it has been in the fridge a while, you can thaw it out or simply warm it under low heat to preserve taste and nutrients.

Getting your neapolitan Riverside pizza to the right temperature is a critical step to serving your authentic Italian pizza properly, so take the time to get it right!

Serving With Complimentary Drinks

Authentic Italian Riverside pizza should never be served with tea or coffee, but if your guest insists, make the coffee black. A better idea is to serve your wood-fired pizza with a delicious craft beer from a local brewery, or with water, soda, pop, or wine if you prefer.

When serving your favourite Riverside pizza variety with alcoholic beverages, you and your company may prefer having small bites spaced out, so you can enjoy the marriage of flavors that tantalize your tastebuds. Therefore, it’s a good idea to slice your pizza into bite-sized rectangles, triangles, or even circles. You can even stick two or three tiny slices on a toothpick or skewers and pass around as hors d’oeuvres or kabobs.

Enjoy Your Authentic Italian Riverside Pizza

There are no steady rules to serve your Italian wood-fired pizza in Orange County, so if you enjoy digging in with your hands, or are more comfortable picking up a fork, just go with whatever works for you. When choosing how to serve and present your Riverside pizza on the table, ensure that the toppings and melted cheese don’t fall off and mess up people’s faces and clothes.

That right there, is a recipe for disaster!

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