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Orange County Pizza

Check out our Orange County pizza restaurant, Pizza 90 for an exceptional dining experience that offers you the unrivaled taste of Neapolitan cuisine fragrant with the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.

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Authentic Italian

Relish pizzas cooked in ovens made with the bricks of the earth of the Vesuvius volcano of Italy by expert, third generation craftsmen.






Fine Ingredients

Taste the authentic taste of Italian ingredients brought to you from the gardens and farms of Naples, fragrant with the aroma of the Mediterranean.





Fast and Fresh

Savor the original flavor of pizzas baked in a superheated oven to 900F degrees in 90 seconds flat to give you pizza like it was always meant to taste.



Serves Tradition

Our head chef has trained extensively for more than 15 years in the kitchens and pizzerias of Naples. Sample the offerings made by traditional techniques.



Orange County Pizza

If you’re looking for the best Orange County pizza place, head for the Pizza 90 restaurant nearest to you. Located beside the sea and boasting of superb beaches with an awesome climate, Orange County is a great place to reside or vacation in. With a bunch of exciting attractions like theme parks, golf courses, Knott’s Berry Farm, and location of thriving cities like Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego and many more, Orange County is the place to be at any time of the year. It may also well be the mecca for pizza connoisseurs everywhere thanks to the Pizza 90 outlets you can find here.

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Authentic Cuisine at the Orange County Pizza Place

Visit our Orange County pizza restaurant and you will be treated to the best of authentic Italian cuisine with a taste unmatched by any other diners. Enter into our diner and it will seem to you like you have traveled to Naples, Italy. Enjoy the soft lighting, vibrant yet earthy tones of the decor and of course, the aromas of spices, herbs, and creamy cheeses floating all around you. We understand if you have a hard time making your choice from our extensive menu. But, choose from an unbelievable range of pizzas, pasta, and so much more.

Original Taste and Flavors

Like every die-hard pizza aficionado is well aware, the real taste of food comes from the ingredients that go into it. In our commitment to bringing you nothing but the best of flavors, we bring in special inputs from the gardens and farms of Italy. The cheese, olive oil, pepperoni, wines and other ingredients carry with them the hard-to-mimic taste that can only come from being grown in the unique climes of the Mediterranean. Relish in their lip-smacking textures and aromas that are a treat for the palate only at our Orange County pizza place.

Traditional Certified Techniques

The culinary techniques we use are precisely the ones used even today in the traditional kitchens of Naples. Our head chef Francesco Savinetti has trained for more than 15 years in Neapolitan kitchens and now leads a team of expert sous chefs, all the while keeping a keen eye. It will also delight you to know that the procedures we use are strictly mandated by the Italian governing association, VPN. That’s how, at our Orange County pizza restaurant, we assure you of only the finest of cuisine that is an experience in itself.

Unique Equipment

At the Orange County pizza diner, we have a special secret that goes into the exceptional taste and flavor you are treated to – an original oven built out of bricks made of the volcanic earth of the Vesuvius in Italy. This oven weighing around 6,000 pounds can take temperatures of up to 900F degree. That is the specific heat that allows your pizza to cook in 90 seconds flat. We also use the best of Californian timbers that are very much like the ones found in Italy that can give you unrivaled flavors.

Come visit us at the Pizza 90 with your family and friends for a delectable and totally unforgettable meal. Today!!