New Commercial Reel Video For Pizza90

Check out the new commercial reel video for our Irvine pizza restaurant. We now offer online ordering. Be sure to check out a location nearest you.

Our expert pizzaiolos are ready to create the best pizza in Irvine, just for you. Using the freshest ingredients sourced from both Italy AND local farmers, the taste profile of our pizza is second-to-none.

Have you ever had a wood-fired pizza? Then you’re missing out. Our Neapolitan pizzas are cooked using the blast-cooking method – 2 minutes at 900 degrees Fahrenheit – to create authentic pizzas bursting with freshness and flavor.

We combine the traditional slow levitation method to produce our homemade dough with the freshness of all-natural ingredients like San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior Di Latte, and the freshest basil straight from local farms, to produce an extraordinary pizza experience for you. Using our Italian inspired Blast-Cooking process in our wood burning oven, which locks in flavors, natural aroma and moisture, we create hand-made, signature Neapolitana-style pizza with a soft and digestible crust.

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