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At the Pizza 90, our Los Angeles, we bring you the authentic taste of Neapolitan cuisine packed with the flavors and goodness of choice ingredients grown in the gardens and farms of the Mediterranean. Relish that impeccable, unrivaled taste.

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Authentic Italian

Taste the incredible flavors of pizza cooked in brick ovens created by master builders from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano in Naples, Italy.




Fine Ingredients

We bring you fresh, choice ingredients from Naples in Italy for that exceptional taste that carries with it the romance and charm of the Continent.




Fast and Fresh

Relish the original taste of pizza cooked in wood-fired brick ovens heated to an amazing 900F degree for that truly authentic pizza experience.






Serves Tradition

Savor each bite of lip-smacking, Neapolitan pizzas created by expert chefs that have trained in the pizzerias of Naples, Itlay for more than 15 years.






Pizza at Los Angeles, California

Pizza 90, our Los Angeles pizza restaurant is one of the top diners in the city where you can sample exceptional, authentic cuisine. At the many eating places in Los Angeles, you can try Mexican, meat and vegetable dishes, chicken, seafood, Korean, Japanese, Jewish, and other fare from all over the world. But, if you’re looking for the best of Italian food such as pizzas, pasta, and other dishes that carry with them the romance of the Continent, Pizza 90 is the place to be.

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Traditional Italian Fare at Our Los Angeles Pizza Restaurant

Every element of our Los Angeles pizza place is dedicated to providing you with a truly authentic dining experience. Spend time at the diner and immerse yourself in an ambience that spells Italy. Savor its warm ocher and red tones, diffused lighting and the tantalizing aromas of fresh herbs and spices. We bring you creamy cheeses, delicious pepperoni, sparkling wines, fresh olive oil, and other elements from the gardens and farms of the Mediterranean. Taste the incredible flavors of Neapolitan pizza made from these real ingredients – the melted cheese bubbling as it arrives at your table, the mouth-watering pepperoni, aromatic oregano, and so much more.

Expert Pizza-making Techniques

Our head chef is Francesco Savinetti, an expert in the art of making lip-smacking pizzas. He has trained for more than 15 years in the kitchens and pizzerias of Naples to bring you “pizzaiolos” just as they have been created for centuries. He works with a team of sous chefs under the mandatory regulations of the Italian governing organization, VPN. These fabulous styles result in truly original fare that real pizza connoisseurs are sure to savor and appreciate. At our Los Angeles pizza restaurant, you can enjoy each finger-licking bite oozing with flavor and aroma in between sips of excellent craft beers.

Pizza Made to Your Unique Taste

We understand that you might want to create that special pizza you like best. We welcome you to choose from our extensive range of toppings for a pizza that is as unique as you. Watch with fascination as experienced hands toss the fresh dough and arrange your choices on it. Each pizza is cooked for 90 seconds flat in special ovens that are heated to a startling 900F degree. The ovens at our Los Angeles pizza restaurant are made with the bricks baked out of the volcanic earth of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Together with choicest of Californian timbers used to fire the oven, we can create a treat for genuine pizza lovers.

Dining at the Pizza 90

When you have a meal at the Pizza 90, our Los Angeles pizza restaurant, you don’t just have a delightful meal with your family and friends – you enjoy a culinary journey that takes you to all the way to the Continent and back. Visit us today and enjoy a genuine Neapolitan meal that is as easy on the pocket as it is packed with taste. Come on in and place your order.