Los Angeles Italian Restaurant

Enjoy the authentic flavors of pizzas cooked with Neapolitan techniques with ingredients specially brought to you from Italy. Visit our Los Angeles Italian Restuarant and savor our delectable pizzas with unique craft beers.

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Authentic Italian

Savor authentic pizzas cooked in special brick ovens made from Vesuvius volcano earth and created by hand by 3rd generation craftsmen from Napoli.




Fine Ingredients

Taste the amazing flavors of the finest ingredients that are packed with the unmatched flavor and aroma of the gardens and farms of Naples in Italy.




Fast and Fresh

Treat your taste buds to an explosion of taste that comes from original flavors of ingredients baked in an oven at 900F degrees for exactly 90 seconds.





Serves Tradition

We bring you the incredible taste of the Napoletana pizzeria experience prepared by our master chef who has honed his techniques over 15 years.



Pizza in Los Angeles, California

Of the many diners offering you a range of cuisines in the city, the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90 is the only diner that takes you on an amazing culinary journey to the farms, gardens, and vineyards of Naples in Italy. Try the pizzas, pasta, and other dishes that seem like a treat for your senses. Authentic ingredients brought to you from Italy lend a unique flavor and aroma to the steaming hot pizzas that arrive at your table like a feast for the eyes. Biting into the pizzas is more than a enjoying a meal, it is an experience in itself.

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Authentic Pizza at the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant

The “pizzaiolos” as they are called in Italy are created using the special techniques that are a part of every kitchen in Naples. Their ovens are built using bricks baked from the volcanic earth of the Vesuvius volcano that can be superheated to an unbelievable 900F degree. Each pizza is slipped into the oven and cooked for a flat 90 seconds giving it that authenticity that can only be duplicated at the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant. That’s because we have imported those bricks to build our oven that weighs an amazing 6,000 lbs. And, we comply with the regulations laid down by the Italian Association VPN that monitors the procedures we use.

Superb Aromas and Flavors

At the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90, we understand that the high-quality and exquisite aromas and tastes of food can only come from the best of ingredients. This is why we bring you the original ingredients from Naples that are packed with the flavor of its unique climate. The best of cheeses, olive oil, wines, pasta, pepperoni, and other elements go into the making of the pizzas that are served to you in a warm setting. Our restaurant, with its décor and lighting in earthen tones, transports you to the shores of the Mediterranean. Enjoy the hospitality of the Continent along with your friends and family members at the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90.

Choose Your Favorite Pizza

Our head chef is Francesco Savinetti who has extensive experience in crafting pizzas and considers every one of them a work of art. Watch as the dough is tossed in front of you and choose your favorite toppings. You will be delighted to see them being arranged on the pie with expert, well-trained hands. Take your seat and breathe in the delicious aromas of the pizza cooking to perfection in Californian timbers similar to the ones that are found in Naples. As you roll and savor each bite, you will be overwhelmed at the incredible Neapolitan explosion of taste in your mouth.

Visiting Los Angeles

City of Angels, Hollywood, City of Dreams, Los Angeles wears many names and mantles. It is well known all over the world as the soul of the entertainment industry. Tourists from every corner of the globe flock to catch glimpses of their favorite movie and television stars. And, the Los Angeles Italian Restaurant Pizza 90 has given them one more reason to tour the city – to experience the delectable cuisine of the Continent. Visit the diner and place your order. Today!!