Sherman Oaks Pizza

COMING SOON: The best, most authentic Sherman Oaks pizza experience in town! Pizza:90 serves the best neapolitan style pizza with unique craft beer - ingredients to make your night deliciously unforgettable...

Fresh wood-fired neapolitan pizza from Pizza90

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Sherman Oaks Authentic Italian

If you thought fine Italian ingredients were enough, we decided to take it to the next level. Our traditional Napolese wood-fired pizza oven, built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder, prepares authentic Italian pizzas in under 90 seconds.

Sherman Oaks Fine Ingredients

We choose to import a wide selection of fresh, traditionally Italian ingredients to ensure your wood-fired neapolitan pizza comes to you with the true taste of Italy - an unrivaled taste of the Mediterranean, just the way they do it in Naples.

Sherman Oaks Fast and Fresh

Fast and fresh, our pizzas are lovingly baked according to strict Neapolitan traditions in an authentic wood-fired pizza oven imported direct from Naples. Cooked for 90 seconds at 900℉, you can be sure you’re getting a fresh, tasty pizza experience just like it’s been done for centuries.

Sherman Oaks Serves Tradition

We didn’t invent pizza. Our authentic Italian pizza preparation techniques and use of wood-fired pizza ovens stems from our deep Italian roots - a traditional preparation method used by our Pizza Master with over 15 years of Italian Napoletana pizzeria experience in Italy.

COMING SOON! Pizza in Sherman Oaks, California

PIZZA 90 is soon to be the premier Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant for fresh, neapolitan pizza, prepared according to strict Italian traditions by our Master Pizza maker. Our wood fired Italian pizza oven, lovingly shipped from Naples in Italy, is mastered by our experienced chefs in our Sherman Oaks location, COMING SOON!


Sherman Oaks Pizza

Soon to Call Sherman Oaks Home

Coming soon, our expert pizza makers of authentic neapolitan pizza will be ready to serve fresh, piping hot, wood fired pizza to more than 60,000 hungry Sherman Oaks residents.

Our Sherman Oaks pizza restaurant location will be opening soon at: 15301 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91403

Sherman Oaks is a thriving neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. The city of Sherman Oaks was founded in 1927, and underwent a number of boundary changes from the early 1990’s to as recently as 2009. This beautiful city, with it’s diverse cultural background and close proximity to the entertainment capital of the world – Los Angeles – we thought it a suiting location for our next location.

Just like back in Italy, the new Sherman Oaks location is perfectly positioned to offer you an authentic italian pizza experience, without the expensive airfare.

A New Pizza Experience

Once you step through the doors of any of our Pizza:90 restaurant locations, you will not only get a sensory overload due to the smell of fresh dough, you will feel like you are dining at an authentic italian pizza shop in Naples, Italy.

Our Pizza Master, Francesco Savinetti, has deep roots in authentic Italian pizza preparation, and makes sure all his staff are up to standard with the traditional wood fired method of Italian pizza making. Not only that, but the Pizza:90 staff want to ensure you experience what they believe, is the best pizzeria experience in town.

There is an Italian volcano style wood fired oven, covered in golden tiles, and chairs and stools which have a stealth fighter design unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our lighting and decor has been carefully selected to create a unique dining experience for all our customers, all going to show that we want to give you more than the best neapolitan pizza in town.

We want you to be taken away to a little place in Italy. That’s the PIZZA:90 experience!