Irvine Pizza

Irvine Pizza

Looking for the best, most authentic Irvine pizza experience? We serve the best Italian neapolitan style pizza together with a range of unique craft beer - ingredients to make your night deliciously unforgettable.

Irvine Italian Pizza

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Irvine Authentic Italian

Our pizza oven was built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder with handmade bricks from Vesuvius volcanic sands.

Irvine Fine Ingredients

We go to the extra effort to source authentic Italian ingredients that center around unrivaled taste and freshness of the Mediterranean.

Irvine Fast and Fresh

Our pizzas are lovingly baked for 90 seconds at 900℉, so you can be sure you’re getting an experience your taste buds deserve.

Irvine Serves Tradition

Our preparation techniques are truly traditional, with our Pizza Master obtaining over 15 years of Italian Napoletana pizzeria experience.

Pizza in Irvine, California

The Irvine pizza scene has been transformed, with the newest authentic pizza restaurant in town – Pizza90. Offering genuine Italian preparation techniques, a cool, funky atmosphere, and a wide range of craft beers to accompany your meal, why don’t you come in and see what all the talk is about…

Our convenient location puts us right where you need us: located at the Alton Square in Irvine, California between Ralph’s and CVS near McDonalds.

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Fresh Irvine Italian Pizza Lives Here

Our Irvine pizza restaurant is gathering place for friends and family in Irvine, CA. We have a strong passion for authentic Napoletana pizza and craft beer. If you are looking for an Irvine pizzeria that serves wood fire pizza using traditional Italian cooking methods, then you’ve found the right place. Our goal is to present the highest quality pizza Irvine guests have ever tasted.

The Best Irvine Pizza Ingredients

What makes us unique is that you get to watch your pizza get made from start to finish. Your pizza dough is baked fresh every morning and prepared right in front of you. Then, once the dough is prepared, you can choose your toppings and customize your pizza.

Our pizzaiolis (pizza –yo- lees) use ingredients and procedures regulated by the Italian governing association (VPN) so you experience a “true” authentic Italian pizza, just like what you would find in the energetic pizzerias in Naples, Italy (but without the airfare). We bring the flavours of neapolitan pizza from Naples Italy, straight to you in our pizzeria at a competitive price.

So, if you’re a pizza connoisseur looking for the best Irvine pizzeria, then come in and try what we consider to be the best, most authentic Italian style pizza in Irvine.

Welcome to Irvine

What few people realize, is that the wonderful city of Irvine has deep roots in American history, much like the history embedded within the neapolitan pizza we serve. What was originally a sheep farming station founded in 1864 by Jose Andres Sepulveda, the land was eventually sold and acquired by James Irvine, and later, The Irvine Company.

Now one of the most affluent cities in Orange County, California, Irvine is a 66-square-mile (170 km2) city with a vibrant population of over 250,000 people. Irvine is home to the global headquarters of a number of corporations, particularly in the technology and semiconductor sectors. Irvine is also home to several universities and schools, such as the University of California, Irvine (UCI), campuses of California State University Fullerton (CSUF), and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to name a few.

Like most of the state of California, Irvine experiences a mediterranean style climate, with warm-to-hot summers, and winters that are cool-to-warm – rarely falling below freezing. Just like back in Italy, our location is perfectly positioned in Irvine to offer you an authentic italian pizza experience.

An Irvine Pizza Venue With The Feel of Naples

Once you step through our doors, you will not only get a sensory overload due to the smell of fresh dough, you will feel like you are dining at an authentic italian pizza shop in Naples, Italy.

Our Pizza Master, Francesco Savinetti, has deep roots in authentic Italian pizza preparation, and makes sure all his staff are up to standard with the traditional wood fired method of Italian pizza making. Not only that, but our staff want to ensure you experience what they believe, is the best Irvine pizzeria experience in town.

There is an Italian volcano style wood fired oven, covered in golden tiles, and chairs and stools which have a stealth fighter design unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our lighting and decor has been carefully selected to create a unique dining experience for all our customers, all going to show that we want to give you more than the best neapolitan pizza in Irvine. We want you to be taken away to a little place in Italy.

So if you want to try Napoletana Pizza at a affordable price and are looking for a new Pizza joint in Irvine, CA, then come check out Pizza90 today. We want to make your mind up that you have found the best pizza Irvine has to offer.