This is How Italians Stay Thin

How do Italians stay thin? It’s simple: They eat home-cooked meals the majority of the time, use fresh, whole ingredients, have a government that taxes unhealthy food, and get regular exercise as part of their lifestyle and work. Americans are opposite in every way, so it’s easy to see how Italians stay thin…


…they love their sugar, everybody drinks lots of wine, and they don’t seem to work out as much.

So how is it they don’t face the health and fitness challenges that Americans do?

Challenges like a 66% rate of obesity in American adults…


According to the US Department of Health and Human services, over 66% of American adults are overweight.


But in Italy, only 40% are overweight – making the Italian male weight much lower.

What are they doing right? Why do you never see a fat Italian? Do they eat pasta for breakfast?

And what can Americans do to stay thin and happy like Italian people?

They Eat Fresh Ingredients


Most Italian households rarely do takeout, almost always eat at home, and eat simple unprocessed foods free of preservatives and full of ingredients straight from the farm.

Additionally, Italians are very strict about how they do their farming and where they source for sustainably-farmed fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, cheeses, meats, and wheat. Italians will most often than not ditch packaged seasonings for fresh herbs & spices, and canned goods for fresh foods that are in season.

Americans: We’re all about convenience.

TV dinners, frozen foods, microwaved lunches, etc. We want food we can keep for long periods and prepare instantly.

It’s a diet proven to be unhealthy.

They Have Small Dessert Portions

Italian dessert portions are always much smaller.

And they almost always consist of fresh fruit salad mixes – making it easy for Italians to stay thin.

Americans believe in having something creamy or crunchy, and definitely delicious after every meal. Be it ice-cream, wines, cakes, pies, gelatins, puddings, or any other confectionery…

Italians are Physically Active

Italian cities and towns play host to numerous walkable communities, and cycling is still a major type of commute for people of all ages.

In fact, the city of Florence and the coastline around Cinque Terre have areas that are inaccessible by car, so walking is the only mode of getting around.

Lazy is not an option for Italians.

Most American towns and cities came into existence during the automobile era and don’t support a physically active lifestyle.

And while Americans have more gyms, Italians exercise the natural, effective way.

They Have Better Health Policies

Italians, like most of the EU, impose heavier taxes on processed foods with high energy contents. These include foods with high salt content, high sugar, high in fat, and sugar-sweetened beverages.

This has resulted in a drastic reduction in the consumption of most of the target products and a much lower overall caloric intake to help Italians stay thin.

In the US, our capitalistic market makes it much harder to effect such laws, though manufacturers are often persuaded to list their ingredients and calories per serving.

How Italians Stay Thin and Happy

Italians have always had a better eating culture than Americans.

Compared to Americans, Italians eat healthier foods, they promote sustainable agricultural practices, and they endure more physical activities in their day to day lives. And their governments have policies and regulations to reduce the intake of unhealthy foods.

Hence, they have fewer cases of obesity and weight-related medical conditions, look better in their clothes, seem more confident, and live happier lives.

Maybe it’s time to try an authentic Neapolitan pizza just like they do in Italy?

Over to you. Have you met a thin Italian? What do they eat and what lifestyle choices to they make? Leave a comment below and share with the Pizza90 community!


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