Irvine Italian Restaurant

Step into our Irvine Italian Restaurant for the taste of the most exquisite of pizzas cooked to perfection. We use authentic ingredients sourced from the gardens and farms of Naples to bring you a unique dining experience.

Irvine Italian Pizza

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Irvine Authentic Italian

Our pizzas are baked in ovens built using handcrafted bricks from Vesuvius volcanic earth by master craftsmen, third in a long line of experts.



Irvine Fine Ingredients

We attempt to bring you the authentic taste and freshness of the most fragrant of Italian ingredients that combine the flavors of the Continent.


Irvine Fast and Fresh

Our pizzas are quickly baked for 90 seconds at 900℉, to give you the incredible taste of authentic pizza, just as it was meant to taste.

Irvine Serves Tradition

Using traditional techniques, our head chef creates pizzas with his more than 15 years of experience in Italian Napoletana pizzerias.


Irvine Italian Restaurant

Visit the Irvine Italian restaurant, Pizza90 and your senses will be introduced to a very whimsical and delightful experience. The atmosphere of an affluent city in California that was originally a sheep ranch. And, the aromas of Naples cuisine complete with the most fragrant of authentic ingredients sourced from the gardens and farms of Italy. Combine it with the taste and aroma of craft beer and you have a fascinating experience like no other. Together, they offer you a culinary journey that takes you all the way to Naples and back.

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Authenticity of our Irvine Italian Restaurant

Everything about Pizza90, our Irvine Italian restaurant spells authenticity. Step into the eatery and you will be delighted to see the golden tiles, chairs, and tables. They are arranged with care around a pleasant space to make you feel like a little slice of Italy has been transported to America. Our head chef is the famous Francesco Savinetti, a master craftsman who treats pizza creation as a work of art. You will be tasting the pizza like it was always meant to taste with flavors of Californian wood similar to the wood in Italy. Our ovens are built out of bricks baked from the volcanic earth of Mount Vesuvius. They allow you to sample the original taste of gourmet Italian fare without getting on a flight!

A Treat for Connoisseurs

Every moment of the time you spend in our Irvine Italian restaurant is a treat for connoisseurs of the cuisine. Watch as the freshly prepared pizza base is tossed in front of you. Choose the toppings that you’re in the mood for, take your seat and wait for a scarce 90 seconds. That’s the time an authentic pizza should take to cook in a specialized oven heated to a piping hot 900´F. Bite into it and feel the real cheese flowing in your mouth and sliding gently down your throat. That’s the kind of experience that comes from ingredients and procedures carefully monitored by the Italian governing association (VPN). Our pizzeria follows their regulations!

A Treat for Families

Visit our Irvine Italian Restaurant with your friends and family and enjoy the genuine Italian fare at prices that are surprisingly competitive, given the high quality of the ingredients and the traditional cooking styles used. Experience the amazing flavors of pasta, olive oil, cheeses, wine, pepperoni, and other ingredients just as they are used in Naples for a taste of authentic Neapolitan fare. Placed amidst the setting of the warm, pleasant climate of Irvine is an Italian meal that you’ve never tasted before.

Visiting Irvine

With deep roots in American history, covering an area of 66 square miles is the city of Irvine. It has come a long way from its sheep farming past and is now a thriving, beautiful city that hosts the headquarters of many top international companies. It also many schools and universities, making it a favored destination for students in California. Talk to any one of the 250,000 people living here about the best pizza in town and they will direct you to the one Irvine Italian Restaurant, Pizza90. Drop by and place your order. Today!!