The History of Neapolitan Pizza: A Historical Timeline (Infographic)

If you’re wondering where did Neapolitan pizza come from, you need to look back in time to Naples, Italy. In 1889 the very first Neapolitan pizza was made for Queen Margherita. Named after the queen, the pizza was made with fresh basil, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese – colors of white, green, and red to honor the newly created country of Italy.

Since then, the history of Neapolitan pizza as we know it today has evolved – beginning as the galette flatbread called pizza that the poor ate in Naples, and evolving to one of the delicacies on offer at Pizza90 stores across California!

Here’s the history of Neapolitan pizza in an infographic! It’s pretty epic, so don’t forget to order some snacks for the ride 😉

A History of Neapolitan Pizza - Infographic
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