College Pizza Night

Get our fast, fresh, wood-fired neapolitan pizza for an even better deal at a college pizza night near you!

Fresh wood-fired neapolitan pizza from Pizza90

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Great Deals at College Pizza Night

We all love cheap eats, and our famous college pizza night delivers the goods! If you’re looking to satisfy that burning hunger with authentic Italian pizza, and wash it down with some of the finest craft beer around, then mark your local Pizza90 college pizza night on your calendar!


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College Pizza Night at Pizza90

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza For Less

Our college pizza nights are held every Tuesday night from 6 till close at all of our locations in California. Come in and get our range of delicious Italian neapolitan pizzas for only $5 each! If you thought that wasn’t good enough, you can wash down your mouth full of wood fired pizza with a $5 pint or $15 pitcher of local beer to go with it. Or perhaps your taste buds prefer something a little more crafty? Try one of our craft beers on offer from around the world, with the Italian varieties being our favourites, of course!

All you have to do is show a valid student ID to take advantage of our college pizza night specials!

College pizza night or not, Pizza:90 is your premier pizza restaurant offering fresh, neapolitan pizza, prepared according to strict Italian traditions by our Master Pizza maker. Offering a cool, funky atmosphere, and the best neapolitan pizza in town, why don’t you come in and see what all the fuss is about…

Fuel to Fire Your Studies

We realize as a college student, that you need the right fuel to propel your body and mind deep into the realm of numbers, papers, dark study rooms, and to nurse that hangover from the Frat party two nights ago…

We can help.

We prepare the best neapolitan pizza according to strict Italian traditions in our Italian wood fired oven, to provide you with a truly authentic wood fired pizza experience that represents pizza the way it’s been made through generations. Our 6000 lb. pizza oven, built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder and powered by the finest aromatic timbers from Californian plantations, can produce the highest quality, most authentic Italian pizza in town. And when they’ve been lovingly baked for 90 seconds at 900℉, you can be sure you’re getting a pizza experience your taste buds deserve.

A Pizza Experience to Remember

Once you step in the doors at any of our locations in California, you will not only get a sensory overload due to the smell of fresh dough, you will feel like you are dining at an authentic italian pizza shop in Naples, Italy.

Our Pizza Master, Francesco Savinetti, runs a tight ship, and is an overseer of the preparation of our fine neapolitan pizzas to ensure that you receive the finest wood fired pizza, direct to your plate. Supported by our dedicated staff, we want you to know that we make it our mission to ensure you experience what we believe is the best pizzeria experience in town.

So if you want to try napoletana pizza at a affordable price, and are looking for a new Pizza joint offering cheap pizza for students, then come check out our college pizza night today!