Celebrating the Union of Craft Beer & Pizza With Telegraph Brewery

“The best wheat beer you’ll ever drink” ~ USA Today

With accolades like this, it’s hard not to be curious about the Telegraph Brewery range of fine craft beers – straight out of Santa Barbara, California. We love to match up some of the finest craft beers from across the globe with our award-winning traditional Italian neapolitan pizza, which is why we’re celebrating the union of Telegraph Brewery and Pizza90 – a match made in gastronomic heaven.



So what makes the Telegraph Brewery range of beverages so special to us?

Traditional European Brewing With a Californian Flair

Using the age-old traditions of European brewers, combined with techniques and ingredients unique to the tastes of modern Californian craft beer enthusiasts, the Telegraph Brewing Co. produces some of the county’s finest beers. Handcrafted in their humble Santa Barbara brewery, they make use of locally grown ingredients – essential to reflect the local new-age traditions of the region surrounding Santa Barbara. An ethos we also strive for when preparing our authentic Italian pizza using the freshest local and Italian ingredients for your pizza.

A Craft Beer With Attention to Detail, and Unrivalled Quality

Being a small-scale craft brewery, Telegraph Brewery make your tastebuds tingle with the sensation of well-rounded hops and delicate flavors from their traditional small-batch, copper-clad brewery. Using brewing methods handed down by generations of European craft brewers, they ensure that every action taken to create their beer results in a unique drinking experience for you, especially if accompanied with a fresh, wood fired Italian pizza! And using small batches means that the master brewers at Telegraph Brewing Company can curate flavors and styles of beer that larger, industrialized manufacturers just can’t match.

Much like the way we hand-craft our exquisite selection of wood fired pizza, Telegraph Brewery are able to experiment and try exciting new ways to apply their craft, producing some of the world’s finest craft beers just for you. We think they’re a match made in heaven for our range of delightful authentic Italian pizza.

telegraph brewery


Pizza90: Now Serving Fine Telegraph Brewery Ales

If you’ve earned the reputation of producing a craft beer that has been labelled one of “The 25 beers you need to try before you die”, then there’s every reason that a beverage of such stature should accompany an authentic wood-fired neapolitan pizza from Pizza90. We’re proud to offer customers some of the finest craft beers in the world to accompany their meal, and the team at the Telegraph Brewery have certainly risen to the occasion with their range of ales, lagers, stouts, IPA, and obscura beverage varieties.

So if you’ve been craving an ice-cold craft beer accompanied by a wood fired neapolitan pizza, made fresh for you in 90 seconds, then why don’t you come to one of our pizza restaurant locations across California, and see what all the fuss is about!

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