California Italian Restaurant

Visit our California Italian Restaurant for an unmatched pizza experience. We use authentic ingredients brought from the gardens and farms of Italy cooked using original techniques perfected in the kitchens of Naples for a truly, unique dining indulgence.

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Authentic Italian

Taste unique pizzas cooked in ovens built with the earth of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy by traditional oven builders, master craftsmen at what they do.



Fine Ingredients

We bring you only the best of ingredients with unmatched taste that carry the aroma of the gardens and farms of Naples, Italy, and the Mediterranean.



Fast and Fresh

Savor the authentic taste of pizzas baked in ovens superheated to 900F degrees, within a flat 90 seconds. That's truly Italian pizza for you!



Irvine Serves Tradition

Our master chef considers pizza making an art that he has painstakingly honed to perfection in original Neapolitan pizzerias over 15 long years.



Pizza in California

Located on the west coast of the United States with a fantastic climate is the state of California. It is well known for its many attractions including Disneyland, Universal Studio Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, and Disney California Adventure. Vacationers love to visit its vibrant cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and many more. But, now they have an additional reason to visit – the California Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90 that allows you to travel to Naples, Italy and back without leaving the state.

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Authentic Cuisine at the California Italian Restaurant

Everything about our California Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90 spells authenticity. You will be welcomed into a pleasing space with a warm décor of earthy colors that transport you to cozy environs of the Mediterranean. Allow the delicious aromas of special ingredients waft around you as you learn that we bring in only the best from Italy. All of our dishes have that extra flavor that can only come from original cheese, olive oil, pepperoni, wines, and other items that carry with them the fragrance of the farms and gardens of Naples.

Expert Techniques

Savor the taste of authentic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta among others created by a master chef who considers cooking to be a work of art. He is Francesco Savinetti, an expert who has trained for more than 15 years in the kitchens of Naples. He has perfected his art through years of practice and now imparts his well-honed craft to a team of expert cooks. You can also be assured of only the most original of techniques since our procedures are regulated by the Italian governing association, VPN. When you visit Pizza 90, our California Italian Restaurant, you will be treated to Neapolitan “pizzaiolos” just as they were intended to taste.

Unmatched Flavors and Aromas

To give you nothing less that the genuine taste of Naples, we have special ovens weighing an incredible 6,000 pounds at our California Italian Restaurant. These fantastic contraptions are capable of withstanding the extreme heat of 900F degrees. Built with bricks made from the volcanic earth of the Vesuvius mountain of Italy, they can cook your pizza in an astounding 90 seconds flat. Add to that is the best of timbers from California that are very similar to those found in Italy and you have the highest-quality taste ever.

Customized to Taste

What makes our pizzas so very special is that they combine exquisite flavor with your particular taste to take you on a culinary journey like no other. You can watch as the pizza dough is freshly tossed in front of you. Let us know of your favorite toppings and view with fascination as they are arranged on the dough. Return to your table and wait for the pizza to arrive. Feel the hot bubbling cheese rolling on your tongue along with the perfect blend of spices and other delectable toppings. When you dine at our California Italian restaurant, you don’t just have a meal; you indulge in an experience.

So, drop by for an amazing and truly memorable experience with your family and friends. Today!!