The Best Pizza in Orange County: 2016 Edition

Walking down Dana Point or on Laguna beach in search of the best pizza in Orange County, you might be forgiven for thinking you are in Italy’s Puglia or San Fruttuoso beaches. The weather is as nice in The OC as it is in Mediterranean Italy. The similarities don’t end there. The plentiful variety of Neapolitan pizza will rival – and probably beat – any Italian city.
So much to choose from. Thin crust or stuffed? Meaty or veggie? With such a collection of star chefs and top-rated pizzerias, where do you find the best pizza in Orange County?

1. Massimo’s Pizza

Our first entry should come as no surprise. Massimo’s at Huntington beach has been serving tantalizing pizzas and pastas for over 40 years. They have won many accolades and the latest one being the 2016 Orange County Hot List winner in the best pizza category.

The family-run business is known for its hand-tossed dough, generous toppings, traditional herbs and flavors, and exceptional customer service. On the downside, it’s kinda small, with only about a dozen booths. And no waiter service. So not so great for dining. But they make up for it with the delicious pizza, so it’s perfect for takeout.

2. Pizza90

The modern rustic decor at Pizza90 mesmerizes you right from the entrance. And these guys really love and know what the best Orange County pizza is all about. All-natural San Marzano tomatoes and fresh Fior Di Latte mozzarella from Italy send your taste buds into overdrive. They make their dough daily and hand-stretch them when you order.

They’re also known for quality and value pizzas. The pizza price remains the same no matter how many types of toppings you pile on. And as traditional as they are, new ideas are regularly embraced – such as offering gluten-free dough and vegan cheese. Combined with an amazing craft beer selection, you’ll be able to wash down that pizza nicely, to end a perfect meal.

3. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana

Located at Irvine’s Los Olivos marketplace, Angelina’s creates artisanal top OC pizza Napoletana like no one else does. As you enter, you notice the lovely ambience. Beyond the open kitchen’s marble countertops and yellow-orange panel you get a view of their top-range wood fired ovens. Both ovens are Stefano Ferrara’s, meaning you are getting the best of the very best.

All their dough is hand-kneaded and well seasoned. Their salami, mozzarella, and ricotta are prepared the traditional Italian way. Their salads are well matched up with whatever pizza you decide on. And when you see their menu, you instantly mentally teleport to a seaside Italian town and want to retire there.

4. Two Saucy Broads

When I first heard the name I thought I’d be getting to some pub-like establishment with run-of-the-mill pizza as their secondary product. Indeed, it does have a fully-stocked bar and it’s as laid back as its name suggests. The seating is spacious and the menus are budget-friendly. They even sell my favorite orange county pizza by the slice. So if you’re on a diet, you don’t have to give up the good stuff.

Two Saucy Broads is at Fullerton and specializes in New York pizzas with a touch of California. They source most of their ingredients such as meats, cheeses, and onions from Italy. Their service is very friendly, though you might have to wait in queue when the bar gets busy.

Sample The Best Pizza in Orange County

Orange county pizzerias are famous for their awesome customer service and authentic Neapolitan pizzas. The variety of cooking styles, flavors, toppings, and menu ideas ensure there is never a dull moment for pizza lovers.

The selection of the best pizza in Orange County is varied, with different price segments for different markets. Angelina’s is one of many that cater for high end clients looking for a sublime dining experience. On the other hand, Two Saucy Broads caters for those in need of quick yet tasty pizzas. Pizza90 offers the authentic Italian experience, complete with satisfying in-house craft beer. No matter what your top orange county pizza desire, there is a pizzeria for your palate to be found.



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