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Behind every perfectly cooked pizza, there’s the wood fired pizza oven, then there’s the freshest, most authentic Italian ingredients that create a bold, rich flavor. With our range of local and imported produce - always fresh - we’re able to produce the tastiest pizza in town.

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Authentic Italian Ingredients Imported Just for You

We think that it’s worth going to the extra effort to source authentic Italian ingredients. Italian food revolves around the freshness of their ingredients, and we strive to bring that same experience to you.

At its core, Italian cuisine is all about simplicity: only a few ingredients and traditional cooking techniques that bring out the unique flavors. And while keeping it simple is a big part of your Neapolitan pizza, so is the quality and the freshness of the ingredients used. Ever wondered why your pasta sauce tastes lackluster compared to what you’d find in Naples? That’s because domestic ingredients are lacking behind the authentic Italian ingredients we source straight from Italy.

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Certain Ingredients Can’t be Compared

And while we recognize that it’s unfair to say you can’t find quality ingredients or products that are not imported from Italy, the Italian varieties – the pepperoni, pasta, wine, olive oil, and cheese for example – are far better. Italy produces products in a land of such specific climates and with traditional methods, which food producers on mainland U.S. just can’t replicate the results.
Consider the following key Italian ingredients for pizza:


The world loves pasta—fettuccini, spaghetti, Bigoli, Capellini—long pasta, short pasta, thick or thin, you name it. The Italians also rely heavily on dried pasta from the box, sometimes even preferring it to fresh pasta, because it’s easy to cook. So why are the imported varieties better? Italian pasta uses semolina (wheat flour) that is stored, produced, and dried to high regulations.


Cheese? Italian cheese makers often lived in the mountains, where cheese and milk production was made possible due to the cooler – as necessary for the aging process. Because the science was simple – wood shelves, water, salt, and oil—Italians have maintained their cheese expertise and improved over generations. Something that is sometimes lost in translation, is the application of cheese as an ingredient in fine cooking. Italians use far less cheese in their dishes: it’s a compliment, not a feature.

A teaspoon is sufficient for most dishes. The varieties used are normally freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, goat, cow or sheep’s milk cheese.

Olive Oil

When you hear about olive oil, it’s likely you think of Italy—miles of olive trees, decorating the countryside… The Italians have strict regulations for what qualifies as sellable olive oil, and unless the bottle says: “Product of Italy” or “Imported from Italy”, then it’s likely not the real Italian product. Why is olive oil better from Italy? There are now some producers in the US, but Italy has been producing olive oil for hundreds of years, employing family tradition and technique.

Authentic Italian Preparation is at Our Core

What good is having the world’s best ingredients, if you don’t know how to use them?
Our pizzaiolis (pizza –yo- lees) use our authentic Italian ingredients and artisan preparation procedures – regulated by the Italian governing association (VPN) – and combine them with a love of the pizza-making craft.

The result? You experience a “true” authentic Italian pizza, just like what you would find in the energetic pizzerias in Naples, Italy, but without the airfare!

True Neapolitan Pizza is More Than Just Fresh Ingredients

Authentic Italian cooking focuses on simplicity, and authentic Neapolitan pizza is a classic example of fine Italian cooking. Though there are four parts to a pizza: the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and of course, the toppings, there is more behind the perfect pizza than just the finest and freshest ingredients.

So in addition to fine authentic Italian ingredients and cooking equipment, we use traditional pizza preparation techniques passed along by our Pizza Master, Francesco Savinetti. With over 15 years of experience perfecting his craft at numerous Napoletana pizzerias in Italy, and a graduate of prestigious schools in Roma and Napoli for Italian pizza preparation, Francesco ensures that the standards of the Vera Pizza Napoletana pizza preparation methods are flawlessly implemented on every one of our speciality pizzas available at every one of our restaurant locations.

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