Alton Pizza Restaurant

Check out the Alton Pizza Restaurant, Pizza 90 near you for the best of authentic Neapolitan cuisine cooked with special techniques using the best of ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean fragrant with exceptional aroma and taste.

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Authentic Italian

Taste our authentic, delicious pizza cooked in special ovens built using bricks made from the soil of the Vesuvius volcano by expert craftsmen.





Fine Ingredients

We source freshest of ingredients from the farms of Naples that lend that unrivaled taste to our food fragrant with the warm goodness of Italy.





Fast and Fresh

We cook our pizzas in traditional styles in superheated ovens at 900F degrees for 90 seconds to give you that genuine, incredible Neapolitan taste.





Serves Tradition

The techniques that go into the cooking of our pizzas have been perfected over 15 years by our head cook in the kitchens of Naples.





Alton Pizza Restaurant in California

Real pizza connoisseurs looking for authentic Italian food can find just what they’re looking for at our Alton pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. Dining with us is more than just a fun meal with your family and friends, it is an entire culinary experience in itself. From the moment you enter our diner and take in the welcoming, pleasant ambience of warm, earthen tones and soft lighting, you will find yourself instantly transported to the sunny environs of the Mediterranean. Breathe in the rich aromas as you take your seat and get ready to place your order.

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Unique Tastes at the Alton Pizza Place near you

At our Alton Pizza restaurant, we understand that our guests are as unique as the pizzas we cook for them. This is why, in our efforts to ensure that you enjoy every bite of your meal, we welcome special requests. Choose from our fresh, natural toppings and have them arranged on the newly tossed dough in front of you (yes, you can watch the fascinating sight of the dough being thrown by expert hands.) The pizza is then slipped into the oven, and you only need to wait for exactly 90 seconds until the pizza is ready. That’s the precise time genuine pizza should be cooked to give you that very distinctive flavor and taste.

Fresh Ingredients and Exceptional Techniques

The essence of good food is always the quality of the ingredients that go into making it. The cuisine that we serve you at the Alton pizza place close to you is cooked using the best of natural elements sourced from the farms and gardens of Naples, Italy. The creamy cheese, robust wines, delicious pepperoni, and rich olive oil carry with the them that special touch that results in the authentic Neapolitan fare we have for you. The head chef working with these exceptional inputs in Francesco Savinetti, who has trained for more than 15 years in the pizzerias of Naples and now creates the most delectable of pizzaiolos for you.

The True Pizza Experience

We can assure you of the very best of Neapolitan cuisine since we work according to the mandatory cooking techniques as outlined by the Italian association, VPN. And, we have yet another secret. At the Alton pizza restaurant near you, we cook our pizzas in original ovens built with the bricks made from the earth of the Vesuvius volcano in Italy. We also use special Californian timbers to fire the ovens that give them that very distinct aroma and flavor. Bite into the sizzling hot, golden melted cheese with toppings cooked to perfection and fragrant spices and herbs tickling your senses, and you’ll know that this is what real pizza is all about.

Visiting Alton

Alton is a lovely community in the Humboldt County, California located in the south of Fortuna. On your visit to the locale, make it a point to explore the Upper Credit Conservation Area that is well known for its picturesque natural environs where you can spend time immersing yourself in the peace and tranquility of nature. Of course, the other great reason for being in the neighborhood is the Alton pizza restaurant, Pizza 90. Drop by for a delicious Neapolitan meal rich with the flavors and essence of Italy.