Alton Italian Restaurant

Visit our Alton ItalIan Restaurant for authentic Neapolitan cuisine packed with the flavors of Italy's gardens and farms. We use original techniques that have been perfected over the years in the actual kitchens of Naples.

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Authentic Italian

Taste authentic pizzas baked in ovens created from bricks made by third-generation master craftsmen from the soil of the Vesuvius volcano.




Fine Ingredients

Sample the delicate taste of herbs, spices, and other original ingredients that carry with them the aromas of the gardens and farms of Italy.



Fast and Fresh

Savor the delicious taste of incredible pizzas cooked in superheated ovens at temperatures of 900F degrees, in 90 seconds flat, a treat for connoisseurs.




Serves Tradition

Our head chef has more than 15 years' experience, working and training in the pizzerias of Naples. He considers cooking to be a work of art.




Alton Italian Restaurant

Alton in California is a well known for the very scenic Upper Credit Conservation Area, a well-maintained wilderness area. Visitors in this beautiful, green expanse feel close to nature while enjoying exploring its peaceful environs. During your time in Alton, you can also visit the Millcroft Spa, a haven of tranquility and relaxation where you can look forward to pampering and wellness. Or, check out the Alton Mills Arts Center for its excellent works of art. As a resident or a visitor in the city, if you’re looking for some excellent authentic cuisine, head for the Alton Italian Restaurant, Pizza 90 close by.

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Uniqueness of the Alton Italian Restaurant

The Alton Italian Restaurant near you is unlike any pizzeria you might have every visited. Not only does it offer the most fantastic of pizzas, pasta, and other Neapolitan cuisine, but also has an ambience that can transport you to Naples in Italy. As you enter the diner, you will fall in love with the earthen tones of the décor, soft lighting, and delicious aromas floating all around you. Forget that you’re in Alton even as you focus on the menu that promises you amazing tastes and flavors brought to you, especially from Italy.

Aromas, Flavors, and Unforgettable Taste

The flavors you taste carry with them the authentic aroma of the farms and gardens of Italy. We bring in freshly produced ingredients like cheeses, olive oil, wines, pepperoni, and other elements. Add to that is the unbelievable fact that your pizzas are cooked in ovens just like those found in Naples. At the Alton Italian Restaurant, we have our ovens built with bricks made out of the volcanic soil of the Vesuvius mount. These 6,000-pound ovens can withstand the heat of up to 900F degree. Each pizza is slipped into the oven and allowed to bake in exactly 90 seconds to give you that original taste that you cannot get anywhere else.

Authentic Techniques

Pizza connoisseurs will appreciate the amazing techniques we use to create the pizzas. Our head chef is Francesco Savinetti who considers cuisine a work of art. He has perfected his craft with training in Italian pizzerias over 15 years. He has a team of chefs working under his expert guidance. In addition, the cooking procedures followed at our Alton Italian Restaurant are regulated by the Italian governing association, VPN. All that care and expertise shows through in the pizzas you taste – the cheese melting and running in your mouth; the cooked toppings mingling with the delicate flavor of herbs and spices for an experience that is truly out of this world.

Served to Taste

At the Alton Italian Restaurant, we understand that you are a special person with individual tastes. To make sure that you enjoy the complete pizza experience, we invite you to create your own. Watch the pizza dough being freshly tossed in front of you and choose the toppings you love best. Sit back and wait for that exceptional treat for your senses that will bring you back to us again and again. Drop in on us at the Pizza 90 for a gastronomic journey to the Mediterranean and back.