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about pizza:90

We’re thrilled to announce the birth of Pizza90: a fast growing, southern California–based Pizzeria with deep Italian roots.

Pizza90 is nothing like other pizza places in California. Our pizzas are just like the ones served in Naples, Italy! In fact, our Cheese, San Marzano Tomatoes and even our Ovens are all directly imported from Italy. We also use “00” style flour, make our own dough daily, and hand toss each pie while you watch! The pizza is finally put into our awesome wood burning ovens at over 900 degrees!

Not only that, we pride ourselves on our team of highly trained and certified pizza makers, “pizzaiolos”, who build your dream pizza before your eyes and invite you to pair it with our exceptional hand-selected craft beer menu. We are located in several locations across the United States.

Led by Master Pizzaiolo, Francesco Savenetti, our team is well-versed in the traditional Neapolitan pizza-making style, and in only 90 seconds can provide you with a truly authentic, delicious pie using our beautiful 900 degree wood-fired oven. For those of you looking to stick to veggies – we’ve got you covered with our fresh and flavorful salad menu.

Welcome to Pizza:90 – You’ll think you’ve died and gone to Italy.



Pizza Master Francesco Savinetti oversees all aspects of our menu ensuring the standards of the Vera Pizza Napoletana are flawlessly implemented. He spent 15 years in Italy perfecting his craft at Napoletana pizzerias and attended schools in Roma and Napoli for pizza.

He is a master pizza maker for Academy Italian Pizzaioli and Pizza Versace Napoletana Prior to joining the Pizza90 team, Francesco was creating pizza masterpieces at the Aria and Cosmopolitan hotels in Las Vegas.



We combine the slow levitation method to produce our homemade dough, all natural ingredients with San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior Di Latte, Fresh Basil and the Blast-Cooking process of our wood burning oven to lock in flavors, natural aroma and moisture. This gives the pizza a soft and digestible crust, which is the signature style of a true Napoletana Pizza.

Our genuine Neapolitan pizza dough consists of Imported Flour “00” from Italy, natural yeast, Mediterranean sea salt and water. The dough is kneaded with a fork low-speed mixer Imported from Italy. The dough is then formed by hand into “dough balls” and is set to rise for 24 hours.

The pizza is baked for 90 seconds at 900 ° in our wood-burning oven, with handmade bricks from Vesuvius volcanic sand in Napoli. This 6000 lb. oven was built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean through the Panama Canal to our Pizza90 locations in the United States.