3 Reasons You Need Fresh Pizza Ingredients to Make Better Pizza

We’ve all experienced the enticing smell of an authentic Italian pie created with fresh pizza ingredients. The invigorating aroma of basil and mozzarella fill your head at once and you can’t wait to taste the delicious creation. It’s no secret that better ingredients call for a better pizza, and having a pizza with fresh mozzarella and pepperoni sounds far more appetizing than a generic pizza made with bland, uninspired ingredients. If you’re still not convinced, here a few reasons you need fresh pizza ingredients in your life.

1. Fresh Pizza Ingredients Create Better Pizza

The most obvious reason to use only fresh pizza ingredients to create your authentic Italian pizza is taste. When you think about the crisp, Earthy flavor of a freshly picked Basil leaf vs. the dried stuff you find on your local supermarket shelf, which would you rather have on your pie? The combination of fresh herbs, perfectly ripe, in-season vegetables, and of course homemade pizza dough, is incomparable to anything else. Ingredients you can actually taste and appreciate will make your pizza experience all the greater. For garden fresh pizza that you’ll want to devour over and over again, using the freshest ingredients will get you the best results.

2. Better Ingredients Mean Healthier Ingredients

Better ingredients definitely make a more delicious pizza, but did you know that they are also healthier in the long run? Too often, restaurants and fast food chains alike use processed, over-preserved food to make their lives a little easier. While this might seem like a good idea, the reality is that all of that processed food is ending up in someone’s stomach. The more fresh pizza ingredients used, the less processed and “fake” the pizza. Using better ingredients makes you look and feel healthier and many people say that after having fresh pizza and unrefined homemade pizza dough, they can’t go back to anything less. The preservatives in pizza as we’ve come to know it make most people feel awful afterwards. Fresh pizza ingredients only make you feel good, and allow you to indulge in all of the right flavors without worrying about sacrificing your overall health.

3. Fresh Ingredients Are Better For The Environment

If taste and health aren’t reasons enough to sway you to using better ingredients, consider this: using fresher ingredients is ultimately better for the environment. The reality is that preservatives and methods used to process foods are harsh on our planet and are not conducive to a healthy ecosystem. By growing and harvesting fresh ingredients, we give back to the planet instead of taking away from it. Fresh pizza ingredients on a small scale definitely aid your health, but on a larger scale, making the switch to fresh ingredients overall can help us reduce our environmental impact. Who wouldn’t want a slice of delicious pizza with a side of good conscience?

The Case For Fresh Pizza Ingredients on Your Next Pizza

From the delicious taste and the healthy benefits to the environmental relief – what’s not to love about fresh pizza ingredients? Making sure you (or your favorite restaurant) use quality ingredients will help you enjoy your pizza, bite by bite.

If your mouth is already watering just reading about these reasons to use quality Italian pizza ingredients, find one of our locations closest to you and call in or order online to get an instant pizza fix!

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