3 Reasons To Ditch Dominoes Pizza and Buy Neapolitan Pizza Instead

The Dominoes pizza franchise is recognized all over the world. The brand distinguished itself early on with their easy online ordering process and fast deliveries. I still order from Dominoes from time to time, but nowadays my main choice of pizza is the Neapolitan variety.

I think the allure that still keeps me ordering from Dominoes is their online ordering system. The online ordering is simpler. I can see all available options and I have the time and leisure to experiment before I complete my order, without pressure. So why am I now ditching Dominoes for places that serve Neapolitan like Pizza90?

1. Fresh Authentic Ingredients

Neapolitan pizza is made from fresh high quality ingredients that are rich in tantalizing flavors. Franchises like Dominoes pizza focus on offering fast service at low prices. Thus, their dough is usually made in bulk and preserved under frozen conditions. Their sauces and toppings are made from pre-prepared ingredients. While all these are not terrible things, they deny you that extra dining experience you will get from a Neapolitan or gourmet pizza.

2. Improved Service

It used to be that franchises such as Dominoes pizza were the only ones capable of providing fast and efficient deliveries. However, you can now get the best OC pizza just as fast, if not faster. Especially with the introduction of specialized smartphone apps. Actually, the big franchises seem overwhelmed and you will frequently hear complaints of delayed deliveries, wrong orders, and cold food. Apart from fast pizza delivery, most Neapolitan pizzerias provide a better customer experience. Their delivery guys are polite and sensitive to customer needs. Plus they rarely get your orders wrong.

3. Healthier, Tastier Menu

Neapolitan pizzas are made by highly experienced and qualified top pizzaiolis. These experts not only studied the best ways to make your favorite OC pizza, but also the best pasta, best neapolitan pizza sauce, and best salads. They provide a wider range of food and drink choices. They also use their nutritionist knowledge to provide healthier choices from fresh and natural ingredients. Their dough is made from specific pizza-grade flour. Their tomatoes are cultivated in particular climates and processed under stringent conditions. Every step in creating your top OC neapolitan pizza is well calculated to provide you an enjoyable experience and healthy meal.

Why Neapolitan Is Better Than Dominoes Pizza

The kind of pizza you get from Dominoes is incomparable to the superior taste and quality of a true Neapolitan pizza. Cooked over high temperatures in a wood fired pizza oven using the best ingredients and made by highly qualified pizzaiolis, the aromas and flavors are far superior to regular franchise pizza.
Since I made my switch from Dominoes to Neapolitan, I have gotten used to better service and faster pizza deliveries. The Neapolitan pizzerias have in turn upgraded their online ordering systems and it is far much easier to order online than it was in the past. They offer awesome pizza choices and other authentic Italian and gourmet American meals.



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