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Delicious Neapolitan Pizza Made to Order in Just 90 Seconds

Our authentic Italian wood-burning ovens are imported from Italy and our delicious neapolitan pizza is cooked at 900 degrees in just 90 seconds. With our special ovens and imported ingredients, this is the closest thing to the way pizza is made in Naples!

That’s the Pizza90 difference.

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Authentic Wood-Burning Ovens

There are many pizza oven manufacturers right here in the US, and most Pizza shops purchase their ovens local since it’s much cheaper than importing from Italy. However, there is a very good reason why all of our pizza ovens are made in Naples.

To provide high quality pizzas for our customers, we need ovens that can produce the finest quality pizzas, with a true authenticity that represents pizza the way it’s been made through generations of strict Italian tradition. Our 6000 lb. pizza oven, built in Napoli by a 3rd generation craftsman pizza builder with handmade bricks from Vesuvius volcanic sands, has been shipped across the Atlantic Ocean through the Panama Canal to our stores.

Powered by the finest aromatic timbers from Californian plantations, our Napolese pizza oven can produce the highest quality, most authentic Italian pizza in town. And when they’ve been lovingly baked for 90 seconds at 900℉, you can be sure you’re getting a pizza experience your taste buds deserve.

Ingredients Imported From Italy

Is it worth going to the extra effort to source authentic Italian ingredients? We think it is.

Given that Italian food is centered around freshness, it can be hard to duplicate. Authentic Italian cooking is about simplicity: few ingredients and traditional techniques. Why your penne with tomato sauce tastes nothing like what you’d find in Naples, is because all of the ingredients are slightly lacking: mass produced vegetables don’t have the same flavor and the domestic products are inferior.

While it is unfair to say you can’t find quality ingredients or products that are not imported from Italy, the Italian varieties of pepperoni, pasta, wine, olive oil, and cheese, are far better. Italy produces products in a land of such specific climates and with traditional methods, that food producers on mainland U.S. just can’t replicate the results.

We strive to bring you the authentic taste of Naples in every one of our hand cooked pizzas for a true, neapolitan pizza experience.


Traditional Italian Preparation, The Freshest Ingredients, and Locked-In Flavor

Traditional Italian Preparation, The Freshest Ingredients, and Locked-In Flavor

We combine the traditional slow levitation method to produce our homemade dough with the freshness of all-natural ingredients like San Marzano Tomatoes, Fior Di Latte, and the freshest basil straight from local farms, to produce an extraordinary pizza experience for you. Using our Italian inspired Blast-Cooking process in our wood burning oven, which locks in flavors, natural aroma and moisture, we create hand-made, signature Neapolitana-style pizza with a soft and digestible crust.

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True Neapolitan Pizza is More Than Just Fresh Ingredients

Authentic Italian cooking focuses on simplicity, and neapolitan pizza is a classic example of fine Italian cooking. Though there are four parts to a pizza: the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and of course, the toppings, there is more behind the perfect pizza than just the finest and freshest ingredients.


At Pizza:90, we realize that the only way to experience the true taste of Italy, is to bring it to you.


So in addition to fine Italian ingredients and cooking equipment, we use traditional pizza preparation techniques passed along by our Pizza Master, Francesco Savinetti. With over 15 years of experience perfecting his craft at numerous Napoletana pizzerias in Italy, and a graduate of prestigious schools in Roma and Napoli for Italian pizza preparation, Francesco ensures that the standards of the Vera Pizza Napoletana are flawlessly implemented.